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International students

Hosting international students at ENFA is one of our priorities. All the courses on offer are available to them whatever their country of origin. Entry requirements are the same for French and international students.

ENFA is one of the 19 national schools of higher education in agriculture. All these schools under the French Ministry of Agriculture are distributed all over France and provide training in agronomy, agri-food science, veterinary medicine, landscaping..

The ENFA course catalogue meets all the requirements of the Bologna process:

Why apply at ENFA ?

ENFA offers a high level course and degree portfolio in far-reaching areas, in partnership with all the universities or/and elite schools in Toulouse and in partnership with the University of Toulouse. Students registering at ENFA will enjoy a privileged setting for their studies and their daily life.


For detailed information on application procedures for international students, please refer to Practical information.

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